Hatha Yoga Training Institute in Rishikesh

YOGANANDHAMis an established Hatha Yoga Training Institute in Rishikesh . We have a team of skilled, experienced and well-trained yoga teachers. The teachers have in-depth knowledge on different forms, techniques, aspects and benefits of yoga. The yoga teachers are widely renowned across the globe performing different yoga sessions and activities socially. Hatha Yoga is the most ancient and traditional form of yoga . The word Hatha directly translates as Sun/Moon. "Ha" meaning ‘Sun’ and "Tha" meaning ‘moon.’ This original style of yoga brings both sun and moon energies together creating the perfect balance. It brings body purification and an awakening of vital energy, which flows in our body through energy channels, throughout our body, called Nadis. To break down the meaning of the word ‘Hatha’ further - ‘Ha’ is also knows as ‘Pingala’ or ‘Surya Nadi’ (Sun) which is the energy that flows in the right side of body and "Tha" is also known as the ‘Ida Nadi’ or ‘Chandra Nadi’ (Moon) which is the energy which flows in the left side of the body. Hatha yoga according to Maharshi Patanjali is a system to calm the modifications of mind or as Patanjali says "Chitta Vritti Nirodhah" meaning ‘to stop the fluctuations of mind.’ For the growing popularity of yoga and its incredible benefits, people from different countries access India- the origin land of yoga. Hatha Yoga Training Institute in Rishikesh is well designed for the beginners as well as learners having modest knowledge about yoga. We not only offer yoga training to the beginners but also have been serving the global-society creating efficient yoga teachers! This traditional style of Yoga develops stability in the body which prepares and enables ones to mind to focus on meditating. Hatha Yoga Training Institute in Rishikesh include the Ancient Systems of yoga which focuses on:
Poses (Asana)
Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)