Yogi Manish Arora


Yoga Acharya Manish was born in Rishikesh (Yoga Capital of World), he studied at the oldest Yoga Schools and universities of India, he emphasizes on learning the basic concepts of yoga and to find the path or life style to reach the ultimate goal of yoga that the body must be breathed into the breath of the Indian tradition of Hatha Yoga and Iyengar yoga. Combined with the antique and ancient teaching methods of yoga practice, the traditional yoga styles which brings the essence of mastery. Yogi Manish often says that he is only a student, there are a lot of things to learn, Yogi Manish teaches with all his experiences and knowledge to all the yoga learners with humility and sincerity, but also with positive thoughts and meticulous.
He has strict demands on himself, and to get along with him you will find him more professional with his teaching, whether it is classroom or life he will be concerned about everyone. In the local he was respected and loved, because he is always free to help a lot of people, but also often do charity.
Yogi Manish has been to different countries like( South America, Maldives etc) teaching and sharing his experiences about Yoga. he has been teaching yoga from last 14 years, especially in the south Amarican Countries like St. Vincent, St. lucia, St.Martien and Antigua, he has a large number of fans, constantly exchanges in the course of teaching and learning around the World, Yogi Manish speak fluent English, further understand the yoga to remove the language barriers, so loved by Chinese students! Of course, also served as the full translation of the study period. 15 years of teaching experience, is a real solution to the problem of human mind level and open the door to the wisdom of the guide.