Yogi Sailesh Bhatt

Meditation Teacher

Yogi Sailesh Bhatt is Meditation Teacher at Yoganandham Yoga School. Yogi Sailesh has been teaching and learning Meditation for more then 5 Years in different Yoga Schools and Yoga Ashrams. Yogi Sailesh had learned yoga with many yoga teachers starting from Nepal and many parts of india . He practiced yoga and meditation in Varanasi for almost 5 years. While practicing yoga and meditation in Varanasi he also learned indian classical music (instrumental: flute) in the Banaras hindu university and completed his graduation in music there. Yogi Saliesh belives that “ Amog the many beauties in life , meditation is the most beautiful thing in life . To experience the taste of meditation is the goal of whole life. Meditation is celebrating life , falling in love with your own self, The peak achievement of life”.