Swami Vachananand Ji

Guest Teacher

Shwaasa Guru Sri Vachananand Swamiji is a noted yogic science expert and mentor of philosophy from India. He is best known for popularizing yoga among health conscious people through his mass yoga camps and TV shows. He was born in the small village of southern India. He was sent to his master’s ashram at the age of 8 where he learned different aspects of religion and philosophy.On completion of his academic study, he headed towards The Himalayas. He mastered various aspects of yoga during his stay in the Himalayas.
He is a classic example of a blend of both modernity and tradition. At one time you can catch him flexing his body with various types of yoga asanas. At some other time, you can see him as a people friendly yoga guru sharing his knowledge on yoga and other topics.
Having a good command over yoga and philosophy, Swamiji always likes to teach in scientific ways. He is humble, kind and serving by nature. He always follows a path of simplicity and equanimity.