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Yoga School in Rishikesh

Yoganandham is a yoga school situated in Bairagarh, Rishikesh. We offer a peaceful and delightful surrounding to practice yoga and an atmosphere that is appropriate for the mind and body to accept. It's been almost more than 3 years since we are into the practice of spreading knowledge and creating awareness about Yoga and its benefits through our various Yoga courses across the world.

Yoga Course Certification

Yoganandham is an RYS (Registered Yoga School) and practices all the standard of an RYS. We offer yoga classes for various courses which include 100 Hour, 200 Hour of Yoga Teacher Training Courses, and with some exclusive retreat. We have specialization in every course we offer but exceptionally good at Hatha Yoga. The teacher training courses offered by us have international recognition and certification by Yoga Alliance, USA.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Yoganandham is not just limited to teach others and do business. The core aim of Yoganandham is to spread the knowledge of Yoga across the world. Because, why not? The world should always know about good practices. We don't just parameterize yoga under physical health. If someone joins us and try to unravel the art of Yoga with us, they'll understand the mental health benefits it offers. To sum it, our mission and vision are to create a healthy world.

Food and Accommodation

Yoganandham is a wonderful place in the World Capital of Yoga, Rishikesh. You'll find Yoganandham away from the chaos and rush of the city, at Bairagarh. We are in an isolated, peaceful place in Bairagarh with some eye-soothing and good vibes environment surrounding us.

Yoga is not just doing exercises and meditation. A lot of it is a part of the diet you have. Yoga demands yogic food which is rich in nutrients and can detoxify the body. We provide you with the right Yogic diet. Yoga food or sattvic foods which include fresh vegetables, grains, and legumes, mild spices, and mildly sweet foods. It takes a pure and healthy body to have a positive and healthy mind.

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Call us at +91-9897188007 or Email us at yoganandhamrishikesh@gmail.com

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Meet Our Yoga Teachers

Not everyone who has knowledge knows the right way to teach. Our Yoga teachers are experts in their profession. They know the art and technique of doing Yoga as well as teaching. They have garnered a lot of experience before becoming a part of Yoganandham. We believe that it's our responsibility to deliver the best of our work and so does our team.

Manish Arora

Yoga Teacher/Founder

Yogacharya Manish is a well renowned Yoga practitioner in Rishikesh and around the world. He has been sharing his knowledge and experience of yoga from last 14 years in all parts of the world. He has travel around the world sharing yogic knowledge.
Yogi Manish journey of yoga started from year 2003 when he did his first diploma in yoga and naturopathy from Parmarth naturecure and college of Rishikesh after that for deeper knowledge he did another 1 year diploma in yoga and holistic sciences from Garhwal University (Rishikesh) and later year 2009 he did his master yoga. Manish also finished his ERYT-200, ERYT-300 & ERYT-500 from Yoga Alliance.
Yogi Manish thought yoga different places from a Hospital, school to exclusive hotels he serpent 6 year teaching in different counties life Maldives, St. Vincent & Grenadines etc. Where he introduced yogic way of living to western world.
In year 2016 Yogi Manish returned back to his hometown Rishikesh, India and opened his own yoga school with the name Yoganandham to share his experience and led people to learn and experience yoga as a lifestyle.


Dr. G.L. Arora


Dr G.L.Arora established Arora Clinic in 1982 with far vision to promote Ayurveda around the globe. He is a most Authentic and Traditional Ayurveda Doctor. He has a vast experience of 32 years of Ayurveda practice at his clinic. He has been treating his patient with Panch-karma from last 20 years. He has also an experience of Teaching at Parmarth Nature cure & Yoga Center for 10 years.

He visits many European countries for giving lecture and conference on Ayurveda (Germany, Austria etc). He is also the President of all the doctors of the state with AYUSH Medical Association, Uttrakhand. He will teach us the principles and practical methods of Ayurveda .


Dr. Tanvi D. Arora


Dr. Tanvi is a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor and proudly holds BAMS degree. She has been associated with Yoganandham since 2017. She is an experienced Ayurvedic Doctor and she conducts Panchakarma treatment and Ayurvedic Retreats at Yoganandham, Rishikesh. Her primary focus at Yoganandham is to conduct lectures on Anatomy and Phisology related to Yoga and she also conduct lectures on Ayurveda to impart knowledge and spread awareness as well as manage end to end treatment plans for the guests who come for specific retreats. She works with guests to understand their body type (prakriti), prepare their diet plan accordingly and work with them to bring necessary lifestyle changes to achieve their health goals.
According to her, Ayurveda is not just a system of treating illness, but a science of life. It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vital and realising their full human potential. She works closely with our guests providing them with procedures on daily and seasonal routines, diet, and behaviour. In her own words ‘Ayurveda emphasises the health is the balanced and dynamic amalgamation between our environment, body, mind, and spirit’.


Mohit Kumar

Yoga Teacher

Yogi Mohit Kumar is famous for his behavior and his kind nature. Yogi Mohit Kumar decided to start his yoga journey on 21 June 2016, and then he decided to join his yog diploma in yogic science from Rishikesh Govt.PG College.

His elder brother played an important role in growing his interest in Yoga. After finding his interest he decided to come to Rishikesh, for finding a right place for getting knowledge about Yoga. His search ended when he joined Yoganandham, at yoganandham he learnt all aspects of Yoga like Asanas, meditation, Pranayama, Shatkarma etc.

He also works as Shatkarma instructor at Yoganandham, and also gives classes to beginner level students and old age practitioners. He is loved among guests for his kind hearted nature.


Yogi Kamal Singh

Yoga Teacher

Yogi Kamal Singh is one of the most well-known Teacher in RIshikesh. At Yoganandham he is loved for his dynamic Stretching classes and Dynamic Ashtanga Classes. He Started his Journey of Yoga in 2010 when he completed his Diploma in Yogic Science.

He has a vast experience of Teaching different classes like Hatha Yoga, Stretching Classes, Ashtanga Yoga Classes and Adjustment and Alignment Classes to different age groups of Students. Yogi Kamal Singh is loved by his students for his dynamic style and precise adjustments that add a new dimension to their asana practice. Yogi Kamal believes that “The beauty is people often come here for the Stretch and go back with a lot more”.


Vaibhav Arora

Meditation Teacher

Vaibhav Arora is a Meditation and Pranayama Teacher at Yoganandham Rishikesh. He is immersed in yogic practices from an early age, Vaibhav has been on the path of Yoga and spirituality since childhood. Being born and raised in a traditional family in Northern India, gave him the surroundings that naturally led him to a yogic lifestyle.

Vaibhav has completed his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017, then he decided to start his professional journey in field of Yoga and Meditation. He then pursued 3 years Bachelors Degree in Yoga and Holistic Science and is now pursuing Master’s degree in yogic science to deepen his understanding of Yoga and create a stable background of yogic studies.
Vaibhav has been associated with Yoganandham from 2017 as Manager and also kept focusing on learning of Yoga and Meditation from spiritual gurus, after gaining experience, he then started teaching Meditation and Pranayama at Yoganandham in 2020.

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