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Basic Guidelines
  • Yoganandhma is a place for internal contemplation and sadhana(spiritual practices). For the benefit of the community and the atmosphere of purification and meditation, we ask that you follow certain guidelines:
  • No smoking, alcohol, flesh foods, nor hallucinogens on or near the premises of the School, or while you are staying here.
  • Please respect and show kindness to all staff and other guests in the School.
  • This includes coming to meals on time so others do not have to wait for you and so that the servers do not have extra work and late meals for themselves.
  • Please advice the kitchen/ office 3 hours before a meal if you will not be eating at the School, so that food is not wasted, and staff do not have unnecessary work.
  • Silence from 10:30PM until after breakfast.
  • Please remember sadhaks will be in various forms of practice at any time of day ; maintaining a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the corridors and garden will help their practice.
  • There are many people here with all kinds of practices and from all over the world. Please respect their differences and appreciate their similarities.
  • All Guest must be back in the School before 9:30pm, please. lateness or absence may lead to complications with the police.
  • We discourage the cultivation of romantic relationship as they tend to be used by people to distract them from the inner work they have come here to do. We do provide time and space for socializing, but the main focus of the School is personal and spiritual growth through a retreat setting with space and time for silence and contemplation.
  • Please come to yoga class on time .if you are late for asana or meditation class, please do not enter the room. This way you will quickly get into the habit of being early and prepared for yoga class.
  • Guests are expected to join the School programme. If you are unable to attend more than one morning practice during your stay, please advise the office of your reason.
Yogic School Living

Please attend the yoga classes when staying at the School to preserve the atmosphere of yoga sadhana. Residents are also expected to minimize the time they spend in the market:we suggest making only weekly trips for phone/internet and shopping.

This allows time between classes for daily journaling,contemplation,spiritualreading,japa,mantra and meditation. This creates a truly inspiring energy field for sadhana.try to support and encourage yourself and others in these practices as much as possible.

Silent Times

We observe silence from 10:30 PM until after breakfast. This ensures the maximum peace for spiritual practices and rest in the School community. It is also lovely to enjoy one meal (breakfast) together in silence and to observe the energy exchange that occurs even without speaking between people.

Please be aware that falling to observe silence negatively impacts the experience of other residents. We ask that you observe the silent times strictly.

Dress Code

We ask that you observe the dress code even on balconies during your stay in order to respect others’ cultures. The dress code is:

  • Capped sleeves (no tank tops or spaghetti straps).
  • Clothes that cover your undergarment (tops and bottoms that are not too low cut).
  • Pants and skirts at least knee-length.
  • Preference for light colours and less black.
  • No bathing suits.
  • Relaxed-fit yoga pants (not legging type).
  • Men, please wear shirts.
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