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Yoga Detoxifying Treatment in Rishikesh

Detoxifying Treatment is a way of eliminating waste of our tissues from our body. It will be primarily focusing on removing waste products created by Food and 7 body adipose tissues (plasma, blood, muscles etc.). These waste products are naturally eliminated through our body in the form of urine, stool, ear wax, hair etc. According to Ayurveda health is maintained when these waste products are eliminated properly. When these waste products are accumulated in excess they produce various diseases in our body which make people unhealthy. At Yoganandham Detoxifying treatment we will be focusing on improving the function of body systems through Diet, Physical workout, Ayurvedic Treatments and Ayurvedic Medicines.

Who should do it?

These Detoxifying Treatments can be done by everybody for enhancing their body functioning and is highly recommended for people suffering from Skin Diseases, Digestive Problems, Hair Relates problems, Weight Imbalance etc.

Treatment Process

Ayurvedic massage, also known as Abhyanga, plays a crucial role in detoxification by facilitating the removal of toxins (Ama) from the body and promoting overall health and well-being. Here are some ways in which Ayurvedic massage helps in detox:

  • Reduced Tiredness
  • Pacifies Vata Dosha
  • Enhance your eyesight’
  • Nourishes your Body
  • Facilitates Sound Sleep
  • Makes Skin Healthier

7 Days Detoxifying Treatment


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11 Days Detoxifying Treatment


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Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy originating from India that involves the pouring of a continuous stream of warm oil or other therapeutic liquids onto the forehead, particularly the area between the eyebrows.
The therapy is known for its calming and balancing effects on the nervous system. It helps soothe the mind, relieve stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue. Shirodhara is believed to balance the doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in the body and promote overall well-being. Additionally, it can be beneficial for promoting healthy hair and scalp.

Swedna (Steam Bath)

Ayurvedic steam bath, also known as Swedana, is a traditional therapeutic practice from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine. Swedana involves using steam to induce sweating and promote detoxification, relaxation, and overall well-being.
The combination of heat and herbal steam is believed to open up the pores of the skin and help eliminate toxins from the body through sweating. It also enhances blood circulation, loosens stiff muscles, and can be helpful in alleviating certain joint and muscular pains.


Nasya is a therapeutic procedure in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, which involves the administration of medicated oils or herbal preparations through the nostrils. This practice is believed to have a wide range of benefits for the head, neck, and respiratory system.

Detox Juices

These juices are made from fresh, organic, and seasonal fruits and vegetables, combined with specific herbs and spices to enhance their cleansing properties.
Ayurvedic detoxification methods aim to eliminate accumulated toxins (ama) from the body and restore balance to the doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Detox juices are one of the ways to support this process.

Detox Diet

In Ayurveda, a detox diet is designed to support the body's natural detoxification processes by eliminating accumulated toxins (ama) and restoring balance to the doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Unlike many modern detox diets, which may involve extreme fasting or restrictive measures, Ayurvedic detoxification focuses on gentle and nourishing practices to promote overall well-being.

Ayrveduic Consulation with doctor

An Ayurvedic consultation with a doctor is a comprehensive and personalized session that involves a thorough assessment of an individual's physical, mental, and emotional health. The goal of the consultation is to understand the person's unique constitution (Prakriti) and any imbalances (Vikriti) that may be present, as well as to provide guidance for improving overall well-being and addressing specific health concerns.

Vaman Virechan

Vamana and Virechana are two important therapeutic procedures in Ayurveda which aims to eliminate excess doshas (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) from the body and restore balance to the system.These Panchakarma therapies are considered beneficial in removing deep-seated imbalances, rejuvenating the body, and supporting overall health and well-being.

Syllabus for Ayurveda Yoga Retreat
  • yoga-icon Customized Detox Plan
  • yoga-icon Expert Ayurvedic Doctors
  • yoga-icon Traditional Panchakarma Therapies
  • yoga-icon Yogic and Ayurvedic Food
  • yoga-icon Herbal Formulations
  • yoga-icon Balanced Ayurvedic Diet
  • yoga-icon Yoga and Meditation
  • yoga-icon Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)
  • yoga-icon Beautiful Surroundings
  • yoga-icon Individualized Support
  • yoga-icon Digital Detox
  • yoga-icon Post-Detox Guidelines
  • » A private room with attached bathroom
  • » Wi-Fi connection
  • » 3 Yogic Meals a day
  • » Tea - Coffee
  • » 1 outdoor tour on OFF day
  • » Cleansing process materials
  • » Books for Reading
  • » Yoga Retreat participation certificate

Note: Outdoor program will be any 1 of them: Kunjapuri temple visit/Ganga Aarti/Waterfall visit/Ayurvedic massage/Camping

Ayurveda Retreats Schedule

Time Schedule
07:00 am - 7:45 am Meditation Session
08:15 am - 09:15 am Yoga Session
08:15 am - 09:15 am Traditional Hatha Yoga Class
09:15 am - 10:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am - 12:00 am Ayurvedic Treatments
01:00 pm - 02:00 pm Lunch Time
02:00 pm - 04:00 pm Leisure Time
04:00 pm - 05:00 pm Evening Walk
05:00 pm - 06:00 pm Herbal Tea Time
06:00 pm - 07:00 pm Pranayama and Meditation
07:00 pm - 08:00 pm Soup and Dinner Time

» Duration of daily yoga classes can be increased, if required.
» Daily schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Here's a 7-day Overview explanation of the Ayurvedic Detox Treatments.

Day 1: Massage and Shirodhara
The first day begins with a therapeutic massage to relax the body and prepare it for deeper treatments.
After the massage, the individual undergoes Shirodhara, a treatment where warm herbal-infused oil is poured gently onto the forehead, promoting relaxation and balancing the nervous system.
Day 2: Massage and Steam Bath
On the second day, another rejuvenating massage is given to further release tension and promote circulation.
Following the massage, a steam bath is offered, which helps to open the pores, cleanse the body, and improve overall detoxification.
Day 3: Vaman (Therapeutic Vomiting) and Gentle Massage
Day 3 focuses on Vaman, a procedure to eliminate excess Kapha dosha. The individual is guided through a preparatory phase and then induced to vomit to remove accumulated toxins and mucus from the upper respiratory tract and stomach.
After Vaman, a gentle massage is provided on the chest and legs to support relaxation and comfort.
Day 4: Massage and Ayurvedic Hair Treatment
The fourth day starts with a soothing massage to continue promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.
Additionally, the person receives an Ayurvedic hair treatment to nourish and strengthen the hair and scalp.
Day 5: Massage, Steam Bath, and Diarrhea
A massage is given on the fifth day to maintain the benefits of relaxation and circulation. This day includes a steam bath to help with detoxification.
Virechana (Ayurvedic Diarrhea) will be performed to eliminate excess Pitta dosha and address digestive issues and skin conditions.
Day 6: Massage and Kati or Nabhi Basti
Day 6 begins with a therapeutic massage for further relaxation and rejuvenation.
The individual may receive either Kati Basti (a treatment for lower back pain) or Nabhi Basti (a treatment for digestive issues) based on their specific needs and condition.
Day 7: Massage, Steam Bath, and Ear Nose Drop
The last day includes a final rejuvenating massage to conclude the Ayurvedic treatment. A steam bath is provided for detoxification and purification.
Additionally, ear and nose drops may be administered to promote the health of these sensory organs.

It's important to note that the specific treatments mentioned may vary based on an individual's constitution and health condition. These treatments should be carried out by qualified and experienced Ayurvedic practitioners to ensure their safety and effectiveness.


» Delhi Airport to Rishikesh by car - US$ 70.
» Delhi airport to Rishikesh and Rishikesh to Delhi airport by car - US$ 130.

Evaluation & Certification

» Student conduct will be a part of the assessment criterion.
» The evaluation will be carried out only for those students who have a minimum of 90% attendance.

Refund Policy

The deposit submitted with the application is not refundable. However, in case of emergencies and other unavoidable exigencies, the Yoganandham at its discretion permits students to go for any other scheduled course/retreat within the period of one year.
We, therefore, recommend that all applicants carefully examine their upcoming obligations so that they may be able to devote their full attention to our yoga programs.

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